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It will presumably feature the Emperor and the breaching of the Webway portal on Terra by Daemons [ citation needed ]. Outside the UK, series titles are published in several countries and languages by Black Library divisions or as co-editions with local associates. As of April [update] , other-language renditions lagged the English-language series in the number of released titles, and had followed distinct publication schedules and release sequences. Starting November , new titles have often been released simultaneously in multiple media; occasionally since then, new titles' digital or audio releases have preceded the print versions, in reverse of previous practice see table "Published" above.

Series stories have appeared in whole or in part in other Black Library publications, sometimes before the corresponding series books have become generally available; prepublications have included stand-alone releases of compilation stories. There have been a number of special editions and bundles published in a variety of media; bundles have included the "Horus Heresy Collections", which mix editions and media of the same or different titles.

In concert with established industry practice, certain special editions are available in limited distribution months before the release of the corresponding regular, or wider-release, versions.

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The books' cover art has been separately released, in poster and other formats. Series bundles and special offers have also contained the separate artwork releases of the included titles. English-language series releases include publishing of the titles in special "premium" editions: "Premium Hardback" print and "Enhanced Ebook" digital.

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These versions contain additional material and artwork, and are published several months before their general-availability or regular edition counterparts. The earlier catalogue of the series is also republished in these editions, again beginning October with the series-opening novel trilogy. Critical reception of individual titles has been mixed, yet the general tone of reviews has been mostly positive. Although the series overall has been viewed favourably, there have been complaints about its length, the multitude of characters and narrative threads, and the timeline jumps or repetitions caused by the nonlinear storytelling.

Early in its publishing history, the series became a sales success in its category.

Horus Rising by Dan Abnett, the opening title, set the pace shortly after its release, topping Locus magazine's "Locus Bestsellers: Gaming-Related" list of August ; as of Book 22 September , [update] practically every title in the series had achieved the same or similar performance on this chart. The Black Library and Games Workshop have released novels, game rulebooks, and other products not branded or classified as Horus Heresy , yet directly relating to story arcs or events described in the series.

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An example is listed in the section below. References may include multiple versions of cited works, published in alternate formats or media: these versions appear consecutively, are separated by a double semicolon ;; , and are listed by full date of release in ascending order displayed date may be truncated ; where applicable they are sub-listed by media type, in alphabetical order.

In such references, information common to listed versions may appear in a single instance only. Where "originally published" appears in entries for standalone or self-contained works including compilations , it refers to the work's first release in the indicated media type. Audio sources are listed by author s. From Infogalactic: the planetary knowledge core.

Jump to: navigation , search. This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards. The specific problem is: Reference citation should be major focus with nested and circular referencing being top concerns. Please help improve this article if you can. May April paperback November e-book January audiobook. June paperback December e-book July audiobook. October paperback December e-book January audiobook. March paperback December e-book December audiobook.

July paperback December e-book April audiobook. October paperback December e-book May audiobook. March paperback December e-book February audiobook. August paperback December e-book. December paperback December e-book. April paperback December e-book.

July paperback December e-book July audiobook. March paperback November audiobook, e-book. November e-book, paperback. December audiobook, e-book January paperback. May audiobook, e-book, paperback. November audiobook, e-book, paperback. January audiobook, e-book, paperback. February audiobook, e-book March paperback. May audiobook, e-book June paperback.

August audiobook, e-book, paperback. September e-book, paperback. November audiobook January e-book, paperback. December audiobook March paperback. April audiobook, hardback. See also: List of Horus Heresy characters.

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For the Abrahamic doctrine, see False god. This section requires expansion. April Retrieved May 19, Horus Heresy [art book series]. Nottingham, UK: Black Library. The Guardian. In addition, it is easier to drag out a series when it is not the standard linear storyline. Warhammer 40, Rulebook 6th ed. Nottingham: Games Workshop. Both positive. Retrieved February 7, ; the subtitle Visions of treachery is also the title of Book 3 in the Horus Heresy art book series.

Retrieved February 7, In Dunn See Blood for the blood god in libraries WorldCat catalog. Retrieved February 26, For Book 23 and following, first general-availability print edition is in trade format with fold-out cover.

Horus Heresy

Kyme a downloadable "audio short". Abnett et al. For series titles published in other languages, see non-English editions in libraries Worldcat catalog. Retrieved March 18, A novella republished in The Primarchs compilation. Retrieved December 31, Retrieved April 26, ]. Retrieved January 2, From an interview with series author Dan Abnett; Farley From a reviewer's essay; for a creator's perspective on working within the overall Warhammer environment see Baxter Black Library thanks to the popularity of its Horus Heresy series for growing [its] sales in a tough market. Originally offered as a "Collectors Edition" web exclusive.

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Nottingham, UK: Games Workshop. Archived from the original on November 8, Retrieved March 21, Abnett, Dan Horus Heresy [book series]. Read by Martyn Ellis; abridged by Christian Dunn abridged ed. Read by Gareth Armstrong unabridged ed. Read by Martyn Ellis; abridged by Christian Dunn; includes additional unabridged "audio short" extra written by Abnett abridged bundled limited ed.

The lost and the damned.