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However, it will be used in lieu of explicit methodologies when problems are still and using alternative analysis methods is impractical. For more information, this Wikipedia page provides great examples with illustrations of how both methodologies give numerical approximations to solutions of time-dependent and PDE equations. Explicit analysis offers a faster solution in events where there is a dynamic equilibrium or otherwise:. These events can be best exampled by extreme scenarios such as an automotive crash, ballistic event, or even meteor impact.

In these cases, the material models do not only need to account for the variation of stress with strain but also the strain rate.

A New Stress Based Approach for Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis

On this scale, the strain rates play a particularly important contribution. The implicit method should be used when the events are much slower and the effects of strain rates are minimal. Once the growth of stress as a function of strain can be established, these can be analyzed using implicit methods. In this case, one can consider a static equilibrium such that:.

The purpose of a helmet is to protect the person who wears it from a head injury during impact.

In this project, the impact of a human skull with and without a helmet was simulated with a nonlinear dynamic analysis. Download this case study for free. Download Case Study for Free. The decision to use implicit and explicit FEM directly impacts the speed and potential parallelization. Implicit systems involve matrix inversions that are extremely complicated and do not directly scale with the number of processors.

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There are several parallel solvers available. During the solution process, these processors need to continuously communicate with each other.

Geometric NonLinearity - Introduction

As the number of required processors increases, a point is reached where there is no further advantage of using implicit analysis because the processors stop being time-efficient. As an analogy to illustrate this point, if you delegate a task to 5 people it is much more efficient than if you delegate a task to people in terms of communication and efficiency. Alternatively, most often explicit problems use a lumped mass matrix that results in de-coupling of equations. Imagine having a diagonal matrix to solve for, where each equation is independent and can be sent to a separate processor.

Such problems scale easily with processing power, and can be computed rapidly. Finite element analysis of an aircraft engine bearing bracket with SimScale The most important thing to remember when choosing implicit or explicit FEM analysis is to not lose sight of the physics of the problem. Visit emeraldpublishing. Findings This paper mathematically analyzes the reason why nonlinear convergence can be achieved if the convergence criterion for linearized equation is relaxed.

Practical implications The proposed method is able to be extended to not only static field but also time domain FEA strongly coupled with circuit equation. Social implications Because the speedup of performance evaluation of electrical machines would be achieved using proposed method, the work efficiency in manufacturing would be accelerated. Please note you might not have access to this content. You may be able to access this content by login via Shibboleth, Open Athens or with your Emerald account.

If you would like to contact us about accessing this content, click the button and fill out the form. Hyperelastic material parameters were derived from experimentation on sheep discs. Endplates were assumed to be rigid, and annulus lamellae were assumed to be vertical in the unloaded state.

Loading conditions corresponding to physiological ranges of rotational motion were applied to the models and peak rotation moments compared between models.

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Loss of nucleus pulposus pressure had a much greater effect on the disc mechanics than the presence of anular lesions. This indicated that the development of anular lesions alone prior to degeneration of the nucleus has minimal effect on disc mechanics, but that disc stiffness is significantly reduced by the loss of hydrostatic pressure in the nucleus. With the degeneration of the nucleus, the outer innervated anulus or surrounding osteo-ligamentous anatomy may therefore experience increased strains.

Combination of finite element and reliability methods in nonlinear fracture mechanics. This paper presents a probabilistic methodology for nonlinear fracture analysis in order to get decisive help for the reparation and functioning optimization of general cracked structures. It involves nonlinear finite element analysis It involves nonlinear finite element analysis. Two methods are studied for the coupling of finite element with reliability software: the direct method and the quadratic response surface method. To ensure the response surface efficiency,.

Page 1. An orthotropic single-surface plasticity model for spruce wood under consideration of knot effects.

TKT4197 - Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis

Orthotropic single-surface plasticity model for spruce wood including the effect of knots. Flexural behaviour of reinforced concrete beams strengthened with prestressed carbon composites. Nonlinear FE analysis of longitudinally stiffened girder webs under patch loading. Computational mechanics analysis tools for parallel-vector supercomputers.

Computational algorithms for structural analysis on parallel-vector supercomputers are reviewed.

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