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Kindly confirm the availability for immediate sales..

How To Recognize An Art Scam

Thanks and best regards. When I wrote him back and said to speak to my dealers — he wrote back to say: Hello, Thanks for getting back to me, it could be any color, but medium size or large.. Thank You [end email]. Anyone had a scam email from a John Nesky? His English was very poor and he also gave a London address. Definitely suspicious, I shall pass him onto the gallery that handles my work but I doubt he will contact them! Seemed to good to be true so thanks for your post alerting me to a potential problem. I certainly wont deliver anything until the bank assures me any money cant be taken back out of my account.

Thanks for this articles and the comments. Hard to believe those people are trying to take advantage of artists, very very disgusting. Message received on my website by potterdennis gmail. I just received an email from the same email you mentioned above, potterdennis gmail. Message received on my website by Potter Dennis, SC: potterdennis gmail.

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Thanks , Potter. These brokers really had me for almost all of my life savings, it started with small investments and really strong assurances, although they let me withdraw once a very minute amount but really and truly I had been elaborately taken for almost everything.

After trying severally to get my money back, through a different department from my brokers company I was feeling distraught. I have never had a real inquiry where this is the case! I actually observed my Husband has been viewing your website on my laptop and i guess he likes your piece of work. A convoluted story of a surprise birthday present for a spouse combined with moving out of the country and the inability to pay by credit card because the spouse who was to be surprised handled all the money.

This same thing happened to me last month. I was so happy to have sold 3 of my pieces from the internet, and the woman said that her husband would only pay with a cashiers cheque…. I went back and forth with her for a few weeks and I guess she simply gave up. They did get my address though, which is a little concerning, Her address is the one in Georgia…the same as a couple of you, Prominade Dr. Sw Atlanta, GA….. I wish I had found this information before I answered and responded to inquires from a Chloe Parker.

I will look forward to hearing from you so I can know how best to proceed. The address is bogus. The address in Atlanta, came up good, but for a house recently purchased on Zellow. I got the above email verbatim using the name Jenna Barry — email address: barryjo gmail. I got the same email from Donna Barry promenade srive sw, atlanta GA … so annoying. Glad to have found this thread before I did anything further. Thanks you.

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I just got this same email! Thanks for posting your comment above. It helped to confirm my situation. Thank you, Agora Gallery, for the article. I received an email nearly verbatim to the one above. I copied and pasted the version I received below. Glad I found this comment thread to report it. Stay safe online, my fellow creatives! Name: Richard Mills Email Address: millsrichard18 gmail.

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I was looking for some artwork online and I found your contact while surfing and I must tell you, You are doing a great job, I would really love to purchase some of your works for my wife as a surprise present regarding our forthcoming 30th anniversary, I would like to receive further information about your piece of work and what inspires you.

Thanks for the article and to all the commenters as well! I received a phishing email this past weekend and I see the same email address was previously reported here a couple years ago. I had a feeling it was not legit, so I am grateful it popped here.


From pasmith gmail. Thank you for this article and thread.

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Stay safe online fellow artists! You are undoubtedly good at what you do. I received this email : Good Morning James, Am really amazed visiting your website seeing your beautiful paintings.

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Have a wonderful day and i will be expecting your email with more details and prices Abbot Croft abbotcroft gmail. I am written you from New Jersey, hope this has answer your questions? Hope to read from you with the prices and more details. Abbot Croft. I thought he might be genuine but then I got this. I sent him an email saying some had been sold and so there were only three available.

He wanted to buy all three! So many warning flags! Hi James, Thanks for your reply about the prices which i have seen through your reply. Yes I am truly interested in purchasing, I want you to know that I am purchasing the paintings for a Wedding Anniversary and it really need to be at my destination as quick as possible because, the date of the anniversary is around the corner.

Below are the ones I choose.. It will be better to discuss the payment and the shipping on Skype either verbally or typing due to the urgent of the anniversary, if possible it will be better to view the artworks on Skype Video for assurance purpose. My location and address of delivering are below. Cheers Abbot Croft Have a wonderful day. Abbot Beswick abbotbeswick gmail. My Skype name is abbotbeswick I am available throughout today on Skype todiscuss and conclude. I would appreciate if you can figure out a piece of work that would serve that purpose. Kindly email images and prices of any available works in that range.

Thanks and blessing. Thanks , Ralph. I just received this exact email! Same phone number and content word for word, but with the name Poppy Warner. Good thing my spidey senses were tingling. I have sold quite a lot of art pieces online but I do my homework. I googled the name in this email and got nothing, but the phone number brought me here. Darn scammers. But I though my email had problems so I replay with another email account same deactivation message.

Ha, the same exact email. Name: edward koch Email: edwardkoch gmail. Thanks , kock. I look forward to reading from you. Best regards, Mr. Ah, well. What a waste of our time. I received an email from Ralph Morris claimed as an ocean engineer.

Christa Anderson claimed to live in a nearby state. My response invited her to call me and she he? In subsequent email she claimed she is moving to Canada and has a shipper who would pick up the art. Fortunately, I lost nothing but time. I actually observed my husband has been viewing your website on my laptop and i guess he likes your piece of work.

I would like to purchase attached piece as a surprise for my husband on our anniversary. Got an email from Frank Burroughs that is exactly as mentioned in so many comments before. When i asked for more detail about his business and links to online sources, he evade the questions entirely and just referenced a shipping company Fast Line Freight. He claims to be in Switzerland in a rural area, but the address given was a sizable city in the country.