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By the end of the book you will be set up to work efficiently with this tool and also understand how to utilize the latest features of Control-M. What you will learn from this book Understand the concepts of traditional batch processing and workload automation Plan and implement Control-M infrastructure by using the right technology in the right place Familiarize yourself with the GUI interface and define Control-M job flows to meet both simple and complex batch processing needs Get hands-on experience with various types of Control-M add-on modules Control Modules , and understand how they can simplify and enhance existing batch flows Complete advanced administration tasks and performance tuning using best practices Take one step further into the world of workload automation by using the latest features available in Control-M Approach This book is written in a direct to-the-point style to provide everything you need to start with Control-M.

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From this book, you will not only learn the technical aspects of Control-M, but also understand how things should be done in real environments and why things are done that way. Each chapter of the book starts with a short description of what you will learn and a list of things you are expected to master by the end of it. The book can be read straight through, from cover to cover.

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It emphasizes the things you need to know, in a logical progression, along with advice for further reading or other tasks you might be interested in. Get the brutal truth about coding, testing, and project managementfrom a Microsoft insider who tells it like it is. Wright's deliberately provocative column "Hard Code" has been sparking debate amongst thousands of engineers at Microsoft for years.

And now despite our better instincts , we're making his opinions available to everyone. In this collection of over 80 columns, Eric Brechner's alter ego pulls no punches with his candid commentary and best practice solutions to the issues that irk him the most. He dissects the development process, examines tough team issues, and critiques how the software business is run, with the added touch I'm on Facebook Now What.

Facebook is one of the hottest websites in today's world, and is having a major impact on career and business. This book explains the different parts of Facebook and helps you understand how you can get the most out of your Facebook account. It helps you understand what you could or should do in Facebook to further your career, business, or job.

I. M. Wright's "Hard Code": A Decade of Hard-Won Lessons from Microsoft--New from Microsoft Press

This book will help you come up with your own action strategy to get value out of Facebook. Series Best practices Best practices Redmond, Wash.

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Subjects Microsoft Corporation. Computer software -- Development. Software engineering -- Management. Contents Machine generated contents note: 1.

Project Mismanagement June 1, "Dev schedules, flying pigs, and other fantasies" October 1, "Pushing the envelopes: Continued contention over dev schedules" May 1, "Are we having fun yet? The joy of triage. Oh please!

I. M. Wright's Hard Code

Bug Reports" December 1, "There's no place like production" Contents note continued: February 1, "Cycle time -The soothsayer of productivity" 3. Inefficiency Eradicated July 1, "Late specs: Fact of life or genetic defect? Easier" April 1, "You have to make a decision" 4. Cross Disciplines April 1, "The modern odd couple?

Why we need quality" April 1, "A software odyssey -From craft to engineering" July 1, "Review this -Inspections" October 1, "Bold predictions of quality" May 1, "Crash dummies: Resilience" October 1, "Nailing the nominals" 6.

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Software Design If We Have Time September 1, "A tragedy of error handling" February 1, "Too many cooks spoil the broth -Sole authority" May 1, "Resolved by design" February 1, "The other side of quality -Designers and architects" August 1, "Blessed isolation -Better design" November 1, "Software performance: What are you waiting for? Prototyping " February 1, "Green fields are full of maggots" 7. Adventures in Career Development Contents note continued: December 1, "When the journey is the destination" October 1, "Life isn't fair -The review curve" November 1, "Roles on the career stage" May 1, "Get yourself connected" September 1, "Get a job -Finding new roles" December 1, "Lead, follow, or get out of the way" July 1, "Opportunity in a gorilla suit" March 1, "I'm deeply committed" April 1, "The new guy" June 1, "Level up" September 1, "Making the big time" January 1, "Individual leadership" 8.

Personal Bug Fixing December 1, "My way or the highway -Negotiation" February 1, "Better learn life balance" June 1, "Time enough" August 1, "Controlling your boss for fun and profit" April 1, "You talking to me? Being a Manager, and Yet Not Evil Incarnate February 1, "More than a number -Productivity" September 1, "Out of the interview loop" November 1, "The toughest job -Poor performers" September 1, "Go with the flow -Retention and turnover" December 1, "I can manage" May 1, "Beyond comparison -Dysfunctional teams" March 1, "Things have got to change: Change management" June 1, "I hardly recognize you" October 1, "Hire's remorse" November 1, "Spontaneous combustion of rancid management" January 1, "One to one and many to many" July 1, "Culture clash" Notes Includes index.

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